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Dissemination Program of the Tenure Track System

Program Outline and Implementation Framework

Following the adoption of the Program to Disseminate Tenure Track System under the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in FY2013, Waseda University will establish a tenure track system in order to promote the improvement of the research environment. This initiative will help enable young researchers to conduct research independently. The Program to Disseminate Tenure Track System promotes the tenure track system through the united efforts of the University’s Head Office, the implementing faculties, and the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS). A Tenure Track System and Review Verification Committee was established at the Head Office with the function to oversee the overall academic aspects of the tenure track system and verify review procedures. The implementing faculties will establish separate faculty tenure track committees, and take initiative in the execution of tenure track activities. WIAS will provide each faculty with opportunities for training and the nurturing of human resources. WIAS is also in charge of evaluating tenure track faculty recruited before FY2012, during the transition period, and until the completion of the tenure track program.

Program Objectives

This program aims to train and nurture human resources on a global level that meet the following requirements representing the goals of the tenure track system implemented by Waseda University: “academic staff capable of pursuing creative cutting-edge research,”“academic staff capable of contributing in an adequate manner to the social needs,” and “academic staff capable of fostering globally active human resources.” In order to achieve this objective the university recruits outstanding young researchers under a highly transparent personnel system, encourages exchanges among various academic fields, and provides appropriate guidance in an independent research and educational environment. The program also aims to establish educational activities and research guidance as an important function of academic staff, and nurture and train personnel with excellent qualities in the fields of both research and education.

Specific measures to promote the tenure track system

In Academic Year 2013, the project is implemented by the Faculty of Science and Engineering and WIAS.

Highly transparent personnel system

Numerous outside experts and academic personnel from faculties other than the Faculty of Science and Engineering participate in the process of recruitment screening, mid-term evaluation, and tenure review of tenure track faculty. Furthermore, a Tenure Track System and Review Verification Committee, established as a comprehensive academic structure, examines whether the Faculty of Science and Engineering employs fair procedures for evaluation and review. Improvements to the personnel recruitment and evaluation methods are made based upon feedback from examination results, thus laying the groundwork for development of a fairer and more transparent tenure track system.

Stipulation of tenure review criteria

A specific tenure track period agenda is individually formulated for each researcher at the time of their recruitment as tenure track faculty members, and completion of the agenda in a sufficient manner is established as a necessary condition for their employment as tenured (full-time) academic staff. The program aims to eliminate the risk of failing to qualify for tenured employment due to ambiguous evaluation, and thus achieve a tenured employment rate of approximately 80%.

Evaluation Standards for Tenured FacultyPDF document

Promotion of exchanges among various academic fields (utilization of the WIAS systems for training and nurturing of young researchers)

In order to foster tenure track faculty with a broad and diverse vision, the program will promote exchanges among young researchers from different academic fields using the resources of WIAS. The institute implements colloquiums such as monthly research meetings attended by personnel of institutes that span the full spectrum of research fields, as well as seminars and symposiums for interdisciplinary research projects. Attendance of such colloquiums is mandatory for tenure track faculty in this program. Furthermore, as a venue for practical application of outreach activities, the program includes mandatory implementation of open seminars with the participation of lecturers from various academic fields, in which tenure track faculty members serve as coordinators.

Improvements in the research environment enabling faculty to pursue research independently and in a focused manner

There are plans for the provision of space for independent research and work for tenure track faculty. In addition to the startup funds (9 million yen in the first year, and 6 million yen in the second year of the program), the program will provide research funds for the third year onward (standard research funds in the department of affiliation and major). (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Adoption of a training and nurturing-type system

Mentors will be appointed under the supervision of the Tenure Track Committee and will provide, in cooperation with committee members, guidance to tenure track faculty. The mentors will provide guidance to tenure track faculty as needed. They will attend classes and graduate student guidance sessions, and will provide advice in an appropriate manner. The Faculty Tenure Track Committee will conduct hearings once a year to assess the situation of tenure track faculty and the appropriateness of the guidance provided by mentors. Also, symposiums by tenure track faculty will be held once a year. These symposiums are envisioned as a venue for faculty academic staff to engage, from a leadership standpoint, in discussions that transcend the boundaries among their departments.

Mid-term evaluation and tenure review

Mid-term evaluation is implemented in the third year of the program. Under the tenure track system of Waseda University, when a researcher has achieved outstanding academic results at the time of the mid-term evaluation implemented in the third year, it is possible to transfer the researcher to a tenured post earlier. That is why, in principle, the mid-term evaluation and the tenure review are implemented using the same evaluation methods and systems. In cases when the mid-term evaluation results indicate that the researcher is unlikely to meet the review criteria required for future tenured employment, the tenure track faculty is notified of this evaluation and given encouragement to explore other versatile career opportunities in the remaining two years of the program.

Tenure review is implemented early in the fifth year of the program. Tenure track faculty who fail to secure a tenured post are given an opportunity to launch appeal procedures before the Tenure Track System and Review Verification Committee, by presenting the requirements set at the time of their recruitment together with objective data verifying that they have sufficiently met those requirements.

Present and former tutors and mentors of the tenure track faculty are excluded from all phases of the evaluation and review process.

The format of employment for a tenured post is full-time Associate Professor or Professor without a fixed term of employment. As full-time Associate Professors or Professors, the tenured faculty will be provided with a research environment suitable for independent principal investigators (PI).

Recruitment of Tenure Track Faculty for Academic Year 2014

Application for Tenure Track Faculty Position 2014 is now closed.

Waseda University accepts applications for tenure track faculty (tenure track Assistant Professors and tenure track Associate Professors) at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The maximum tenure period is five years. For details, refer to the Recruitment Information.

Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering Recruitment Information for the 2014 Tenure Track Position

Waseda University is seeking to further enhance the teaching and research environment it provides. In particular, the University is working to establish a research framework that enables young researchers to demonstrate their flexible thinking, capabilities, and talent to the full.
The Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University is currently recruiting young researchers (so-called ‘tenure track faculty’) in the following research fields under the tenure track program*. This is supported by the Dissemination Program of the Tenure Track System, under the Funds for the Development of Human Resources in Science & Technology of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

1. Number of Positions

Three positions in total for the following research fields:

  • Mechanics and Strength of Materials
  • Computer Science and Communications Engineering
  • Reactor Physics
2. Appointment Status
  • Assistant Professor (without tenure) or Associate Professor (without tenure) for the following research fields:
  • Mechanics and Strength of Materials
  • Assistant Professor (without tenure) for the following research fields:
  • Computer Science and Communications Engineering
  • Reactor Physics
3. Application Qualifications

Young researchers who have any of the following qualifications:

  • Persons with a doctorate obtained within 10 years of April 1, 2014.
  • Persons who expect to obtain a doctorate by April 1, 2014.
4. Field of Research

The program seeks to recruit researchers who will undertake highly creative research themes that have the potential to identify issues for the future, and carve out new fields of study.

Research field Department・Major Remarks
Mechanics and Strength of Materials Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering Candidates are expected to be able to research based on both experiments and numerical simulations.
Computer Science and Communications Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering or Department of Communication and Computer Engineering All topics in computer science, computer engineering and communications engineering, including interdisciplinary fields.
Reactor Physics Cooperative Major in Nuclear Energy Hopefully to have experince of Nuclear Reactor Design Study
5. Duties
  • Research activities in accordance with the Research Plan submitted at the time of employment
  • Responsibility for educational activities such as some of the classes and research guidance, including laboratory & practice works, pertaining to the research field
  • Commitment to attending Monthly Workshops hosted by Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS) and organizing a WIAS seminar.
  • Other matters deemed necessary by the Senior Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering
6. Working Conditions
  • The duties at Waseda University will be the sole duties of the tenure track faculty.
  • A workplace will be provided on campus at Waseda University.
  • Other working conditions will be in accordance with regulations of Waseda University.
  • Maternity, parental, and nursing leave are available in accordance with Waseda University regulations.
7. Salary

A salary will be paid in accordance with Waseda University regulations concerning payment of salaries.

8. Research expenses

Research expenses will be provided with an upper limit of 9 million yen and 6 million yen in the first and second year respectively as start-up funds, taking into consideration the content and progress of the research. From the third year, an upper limit will be set according to the regulations of each department.

9. Period of Appointment

From April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2019

Regardless of academic title, in the event that an employment contract with the university has been signed as of April 1, 2013 and there is in principle no period during which there is no half-year employment contract up to the date of the new employment, the limit to the employment contract shall be five years. Because of this, it is possible that the employment duration and existence or absence of a re-appointment may not be the same as the duration stated above.

10. Promotion of full-time faculty

The tenure track faculty’s research and teaching performance will be subject to interim appraisal in academic year 2016, and final appraisal by academic year 2018. If the tenure track faculty member is judged to be eligible, he or she will be employed as tenured (full-time) at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

It is intended to employ with tenure status about 80% of tenure track persons. The evaluation standards for hiring a tenured person are given in an attachment to this announcementワードファイルが開きます

11. Selection Procedure
  • First selection stage (document screening)
    Mid-Octorber 2013
    Applicants will be notified of selection results by e-mail.
  • Second selection stage (interview)
    End of October 2013
    • Applicants who pass the first selection stage will be notified of details by one week before the interview date.
    • Travel expenses to the interview (at Waseda University) will be borne by the applicant.
  • Final interview
    Early November 2013
    • Applicants who pass the second selection stage will be notified of details by one week before the interview date.
    • Travel expenses to the interview (at Waseda University) will be borne by the applicant.
  • Notification of Results
    We will notify the final result as soon as the committees of the university decide and approve the recruitment after the final interview is held.
12. Application Procedure

Complete the Online Registration Form on the website and submit the application documents specified in 14 below through use of the Online Registration Form. When the registration is successfully completed, a confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address provided to us. Please note that the application documents specified in 14 below cannot be accepted by e-mail, post or any other procedure than submitting through use of the Online Registration Form.

13. Deadline for application
14. Required documentation
  • Application Documents (CV / Research and Educational Activities Plan)
    • Please use the specified form.
  • Principal research achievements (Maximum of three)
    • Submitted documents will only be used for the purpose of screening candidates.
    • Letters of recommendation are optional. If submitted, letters should be written in the specified form and must be directly sent to tenure-track-sci AT list DOT waseda DOT jp by the recommending persons by the application deadline.
15. Contact

To contact us, please use the Online Inquiry Form. Inquiries by phone will not be accepted.

Online Inquiry Form


Name Word/Excel PDF
Curriculum Vitae/Research and Educational Activities Plan Word(87.5kbyte)PDF document  
Curriculum Vitae Sample   PDF(30kbyte)PDF document
Recommendation Form (optional) Word(32.0kbyte)PDF document